Fire Alarm System Surveys

Determine infrastructure equipment requirements whilst ensuring full wireless site coverage.

Fire alarm devices on drawings
Radio Site Surveys

Fire alarm surveys create the footprint for your wireless fire detection system

Fire site surveys are carried out to determine the exact infrastructure requirements for a specific site and to ensure that full wireless site coverage for the areas concerned is achieved.


Site Specific

Each site has a unique level of background noise that may affect the signals on site.



During survey exact signal levels are measured and recorded at each device location for maintenance and auditing.



Survey confirms that there is a compliant (EN54-23) signal path overhead between a gateway and its devices.



EN54-25 sets very precise and demanding criteria in terms of signal strengths and propagation, these must be achieved.


Radio site surveys are key to ensuring high performance and reliability of wireless fire detection systems. VRF offer radio surveys free of charge to our customers and all of our surveys are underwritten.


Using product range specific survey kits, radio surveys determine signal strength and correct location for wireless infrastructure equipment & devices, ensuring full wireless site coverage is achieved in all areas, with required signal strengths for reliable communication.


The radio site survey will create the footprint for the installed system, specifying the final positions for the devices and wireless infrastructure and allowing environmental building factors to be appreciated.

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