Hybrid Fire Alarm Systems

Retain existing wired fire alarm system, simply add wireless devices.

Hybrid Fire Alarm System Features

Hybrid Solutions

EMS FireCell panel and devices
  • Addressable solutions allow retention of existing wired addressable loops that can be configured with wireless devices.

  • Addressable solutions utilise open protocol Apollo XP95 technology using Fusion Radio Loop Module (RLM).

  • Each (RLM) connects to the Panel’s XP95 loop and can accommodate up to 31 wireless FireCell devices.

  • RLM will take up one additional loop address, each hard wired loop can support a maximum of five RLMs.

  • Conventional solutions allow you to blend existing zoned detection with wireless devices using Wireless Zone Monitor (WZM).

  • WZM supports up to 30 wireless devices, including EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices (VADS), to existing or new systems.

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Hybrid Fire System Solutions


Provides almost unlimited configuration and installation options


Connect wireless devices to wired addressable or conventional panels


Extend into areas where cabling is impractical or simply not possible


Unique solutions for already occupied buildings where fire alarm compliance issues must be addressed


Install additional sounders to achieve compliance in sleeping risks on new or existing fire alarm  systems

Case Studies

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Beaulieu House, Drogheda

Wireless Solution in Late 17th Century Stately Home

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Ashford Castle, Mayo

Wireless System part of $75 million renovation project

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Wireless Fire Detection FAQs

  • Do I need to have a radio signal survey prior to installation?
  • Are wireless systems compliant with the relevant standards?
  • Can a system be pre-programmed?
  • Is training available on FireCell & SmartCell?
  • Is technical engineering/support available?
  • What type of wireless devices are available?
  • How many devices can be added to each panel?
  • How many Radio Cluster Communicators (RCC) can be added to a FireCell system?
  • How many devices can be added to each FireCell RCC?
  • How often do device batteries need to be replaced?
  • Do fully wireless fire detection systems require any cable?
  • Can I hardwire part of the system and use wired devices?
  • Are power supplies required for the FireCell radio infrastructure?
  • Do FireCell I/O's require power supplies and what voltage can they switch?
  • Are FireCell devices suitable for external use?
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