Temporary Wifi Smoke Alarms & Fire Alarm Systems

Life safety & property protection, achieve compliance for short term projects.

Why a Temporary Alarm System?

Flexibility to expand and modify fire detection as requirements evolve

Temporary wireless fire alarm systems can be moved from site to site once a project has finished, lease has expired or event has concluded.

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Temporary Fire Alarm System Features

Temporary Solutions

EMS FireCell panel and devices
  • Fully Addressable temporary fire detection system with comprehensive range of wireless devices.

  • Suitable for new build & refurbishment construction sites, outdoor events, festivals and properties with short term leases.

  • Rapid installation with minimum disruption or damage to fabric of the building or structure.

  • When project completed, simply decommission the system and bring to your next project site or property.

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Smoke Detector Wifi Solutions

Life Safety

Protect staff, mitigate the risk of fire and encourage fast response to emergencies.


Achieve health & safety, insurance and CDM compliance on construction and refurbishment projects, temporary buildings and structures.


Expand and modify fire detection coverage as site grows and changes, ensuring fire detection coverage is maintained at all times


Open protocol system that can interlink with other addressable or conventional systems.


From standalone single loop systems to multi-building networks on larger sites.

Case Studies

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Beaulieu House, Drogheda

Wireless Solution in Late 17th Century Stately Home

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Ashford Castle, Mayo

Wireless System part of $75 million renovation project

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Wireless Fire Detection FAQs

  • Do I need to have a radio signal survey prior to installation?
  • Are wireless systems compliant with the relevant standards?
  • Can a system be pre-programmed?
  • Is training available on FireCell & SmartCell?
  • Is technical engineering/support available?
  • What type of wireless devices are available?
  • How many devices can be added to each panel?
  • How many Radio Cluster Communicators (RCC) can be added to a FireCell system?
  • How many devices can be added to each FireCell RCC?
  • How often do device batteries need to be replaced?
  • Do fully wireless fire detection systems require any cable?
  • Can I hardwire part of the system and use wired devices?
  • Are power supplies required for the FireCell radio infrastructure?
  • Do FireCell I/O's require power supplies and what voltage can they switch?
  • Are FireCell devices suitable for external use?
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